Q: What’s coming next and when?
A: I usually blog about new arrivals, so you can subscribe to my posts and never miss a thing. Recently I released Falaha’s Journey Into Pleasure and no more big works are scheduled for publication this year. I might write some shorts, though.

Q: Do you have any audio books?
A: At the moment, no. I cannot tell when those might be available since I have no other option but to narrate them myself.


Q: Do you have something else planed for Falaha’s Journey characters or on to something totally new? Are you planning to keep exploring Falaha’s Universe? I find it fascinating to think it could be one of the universes that are open to exploring over huge spans of time and technological and cultural shift.

A: Currently I’m working on Yaren’s (the Fossil’s) story. He has his adventures aplenty and gets his own trilogy, Rjg. I also have plans to write a novel (or series) that picks up where Falaha’s Journey left off. This one is scheduled after Rjg is written.

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