About Jeno


Hi, I’m Jeno Marz.

I’m a science fiction author from Latvia, Northern Europe, and I write under the pen name.

My actual name is not a secret, but it is hard to remember. Some can’t even pronounce it correctly. But you can call me by my real first name, Jelena (that’s Yeh-leh-na), if you like.

English is my third language, so you’ll have to excuse some awkward grammar of mine here.

I write science fiction that is mostly xenocentric (all characters are aliens). I write stories for adults, so some of them are quite explicit.

My background is electronics engineering and computer science.

My interests include reading manga and drinking red wine (the latter can be substituted with good beer, sake or umeshu liquor.)

My other passions are book cover illustration and design, and beta-reading.

My short bio:

JENO MARZ is a sci­ence fic­tion writer from Latvia, North­ern Europe, with back­ground in elec­tron­ics engi­neer­ing and com­puter sci­ence. She is the author of two ser­ial nov­els, Falaha’s Jour­ney: A Spacegirl’s Account in Three Move­ments and Falaha’s Jour­ney Into Plea­sure. Marz is cur­rent at work on a new SF novel. All her fic­tion is aimed at an adult audi­ence.

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