Rjg: A Danna Novel Trilogy

For those curious how to pronounce the word: "Rjg" reads with a short i, the palatal approximant /j/ like the pronunciation of ⟨y⟩ in toy, and g is the voiced velar plosive /ɡ/, like the pronunciation of ⟨g⟩ in "go".
Tags: science fiction, adventure, adult, alien artifact, alien historical, alien world, aliens, conquest, Dannan, early peoples, epic, low-tech, pre-space-flight era, slavery, war, xenocentric

A man with a vision, he will be known as Godslayer.
Nations fall and vanish; a dominant species erased from existence.
Their mistake? Once, they had let him live.

Planet Dannan is the home of two intelligent and closely related humanoid species: the mysterious Danna—the red people, whose small tribes trace their ancestry and blood powers to a being from the endless Abyss, and the Ynu, whose most numerous nation of Arrakan Uyur dominates the world with an iron fist, brutally subjugating all who oppose them. They reject those with ungodly blood.

Yaren, once a prince, is sent as a slave to rot in a copper mine deep in the mountains of his overrun homeland. The son of a Danna drifter and a Rawani High Queen, he inherits the blood and the will of his parents. He has been left to figure out the hidden power within him to achieve his goals: to take back the ancient kingdom of Rawan and to lead his people to the stars.

Amidst the bloodstained battlefields, dreams and eerie visions, a strange legacy of the Great Ancestor begins to take shape, blending sadness and grief with a fierce joy, and marking the rise of the Commonwealth of Tue Dannan.

Rjg is a xenocentric, epic, hard science fiction novel trilogy that is set in the same Uni­verse as Falaha’s Jour­ney, though much ear­lier in time.

Project Progress

Rjg: Blood Threads (Rjg #1)

Type: Novel; Phase: Revisions

121459 of 121459 words (100%) complete


Hidden threads run deep within the savage Danna blood, giving rise to mysterious powers in people who share their ancestry. Some call these threads fate, some call them relics of an ancient technology and the remnants of the progenitor’s last will. Whatever the truth is, his blood had caused slave miner Yaren nothing but trouble, yet also provided him with solutions beyond those he could fully comprehend.

Once broken free from his captivity, with the help of friends and newly found family Yaren sets out to learn more about the strange power he possesses and the people he had inherited his dangerous legacy from, aiming to reshape the world according to his brutal vision.

Will he be able to carry the proud name of a Rjg, a man to lead the way for others to follow to a brighter future, or is this new future more than a former slave will be able to handle?


Rjg: Adventurous Tide (Rjg #2)

Type: Novel; Phase: Draft

22570 of 100000 words (23%) complete


Blood threads have lead many people through tribulations and carnage, bringing forth adventurous tide for those who were born to wander the land of Dannan and restore the balance to its nations.

The war for Rawan reignited, led by the Beast-King who calls himself Rjg, aided by the bloodthirsty but cunning Warmaster and the wretched yet driven Traitor. Meanwhile the Father of the Beast takes the side of the Faded Lady, stirring unrest among her own countrymen and further dividing those who were brought to heart-heavy unity by bloody and cruel means. The world is about to be broken apart and reshaped by the hands of those who once kneeled under the tyranny of Arrakan.

Will Arrakan withstand this rising threat to its peace or will it be blinded by its own glory and ambition? Can the young Rjg return to his home, reclaim the City of Uwe and once again restore the land of Rawan and free its people?

Rjg: Godslayer (Rjg #3)

Type: Novel; Phase: Draft

0 of 100000 words (0%) complete


The adventurous tide brought forward the dawn of a new era, with the mighty Rjg at its helm. The era of blood and death is nearing its end, propelling the world of Dannan into the time of technological advancement and prosperity.

Rawan—or, rather, the Commonwealth of Tue Dannan—grows stronger with the Danna and the allied Ynu under its banners. Yaren is a ruthless yet a just king, and his vision of the mighty future is made reality. The reality with no place for gods and stagnant beliefs. The Abyss is calling, and when the Beast-King walks, the Gods die.
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