About Jeno


Hi, I’m Jeno Marz.

I’m a sci­ence fic­tion author from Latvia, North­ern Europe, and I write under the pen name.

My actu­al name is not a secret, but it is hard to remem­ber. Some can’t even pro­nounce it cor­rect­ly. But you can call me by my real first name, Jele­na (that’s Yeh-leh-na), if you like.

Eng­lish is my third lan­guage, so you’ll have to excuse some awk­ward gram­mar of mine here.

I write sci­ence fic­tion that is most­ly xeno­cen­tric (all char­ac­ters are aliens). I write sto­ries for adults, so some of them are quite explic­it.

My back­ground is elec­tron­ics engi­neer­ing and com­put­er sci­ence.

My inter­ests include read­ing man­ga and drink­ing red wine (the lat­ter can be sub­sti­tut­ed with good beer, sake or umeshu liquor.)

My oth­er pas­sions are book cov­er illus­tra­tion and design, and beta-read­ing.

My short bio:

JENO MARZ is a sci­ence fic­tion writer from Latvia, North­ern Europe, with back­ground in elec­tron­ics engi­neer­ing and com­puter sci­ence. She is the author of two ser­ial nov­els, Falaha’s Jour­ney: A Spacegirl’s Account in Three Move­ments and Falaha’s Jour­ney Into Plea­sure. Marz is cur­rent at work on a new SF nov­el. All her fic­tion is aimed at an adult audi­ence.

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