Onto the New Adventure

The new book is progressing nicely. I have finished two chapters so far and slowly moving onto the third. I’m still questioning my sanity about making this a trilogy though. Maybe I’ll return to the original idea of it being a single large book. Anyway, again this is going to be a free write, with no solid outlines or anything. Don’t tell me about plot points or a climax or whatever. I don’t want to know, or I will never get there.

Book One got its first round of beta reads. Or, should I say, alpha reads. These are different, I shouldn’t have called them betas. But I call every pre-editor reader a beta. My two usual betas were doing fine, suggesting me what could be improved, but the new ones I managed to find sucked mightily. The next time I will try a new beta reader, it’s going to be a paid one (or two), and I’m going to make sure the match will be ideal or near ideal. Thus no one would have to be frustrated and disappointed. And more importantly, no time wasted.

Also, since I’ll be having funds for my projects this year and beyond (I got a new job!), I’ll be looking for cover illustrators. This means my books will be getting some neat covers. I just need to figure out what I want on those covers.

I’m still thinking of whether I should participate in A-Z blogging challenge this year. I haven’t got my theme yet and not that I’m particularly interested in blogging lately. So the fun challenge could easily turn into a bloody challenge to produce any sort of content. I wouldn’t want to inflict that on myself, though I would like to have new blogging friends. I still have no desire to finish my worldbuilding article series, though I’m getting a lot of requests about them. I’d rather pour those words into books.

Still, this is going to be a promising year. πŸ™‚

When Things Get Done

2016 was a long year for me. It was also a tough year (I’m sure it was for the most of us.) I’m finally happy to announce that the first book in the new Rjg trilogy is completed. I no longer have to stare at the blank page and think, “If only…”

Yesterday, 2000 words short of the ending, I was feeling elated, I had so many things to say in this blog post. Yet it didn’t feel right to write about my small triumph without actually finishing. Now, done with the book, I forgot everything I wanted to write here. πŸ˜€

Many things changed throughout that year and I moved away from the idea of writing a single large novel and went for a trilogy of smaller novels instead. Three books @ 90k each is better than one @ 250 000 words. At least to me.

Possible cover for Book One, Rjg: Blood Threads

Since I’m done with book one, I can speak a little about the story without spoiling anything. The main character of Rjg is Yaren, the notorious grandfather of Falaha and Eyuran from Falaha’s Journey, who had lived a very long life. This is a tale of his youth, when he is barely 24 (human) years old and spanning years of his and his people’s struggles. A story of slavery, war, and love, it also features several other prominent Falaha’s ancestors, namely Warmaster Saga, one of the progenitors of kennar Fargann, and General Telgaro, who is also Baro’s ancestor and the reason Falaha is short. πŸ˜€

It took a while to get it into shape, and more work is ahead of me, with all the revisions and edits, but here is a resolution for the year 2017: I want to write every day, even if it is only 50 words a day. With this I feel I can accomplish what I have started.

I was hoping to finish book one before the new year. I was late but I still did it, several days into the new year. Now, onto the new adventures of books two and three.

Also, this year I will possibly participate in A-Z blogging challenge. It will be my third attempt, when the other two had miserably failed. Now I only have to think of a good theme for my blog posts. I will keep you updated.

This is all for now, and a belated Happy New Year. πŸ™‚

Happiness is… Writing Again

I’t’s been a long time since I have been productive. I procrastinated and pretended that everything was fine. But it wasn’t. I knew it wasn’t. Skyrim has been the outlet for my frustration and sadness and a method of avoiding the work I should have been doing. I couldn’t even blog properly. Yet somehow modding the damned game made my creativity flow again. The winter just arrived to this hemisphere but in my head the winter is over. *Happy Dance*

Within the past few days I wrote two and a half chapters worth of story, and I’m only a few chapters away from finishing Part One (which is more of a Book One, to be fair).

Blurred out to be spoiler-free πŸ™‚

It wasn’t a perfect piece of the story, but at least it was something. Something that can be edited and built upon. I don’t really care now what it is as long as I’m putting those words out and finish this year. I can see my goal clearly again! Then I will be editing a bit and going through a few beta-readers before setting out to write Parts Two and Three. Those are barely in development yet, though I know what I will be doing there. Writing multi-POV books is hell, I tell you. Writing epic-sized multi-POV books is triple that. And no matter what I do, it takes me a year to write a medium-novel-sized book (~90k). I hope to celebrate the New Year with one of my goals completed.

It is too early to say if I will be releasing the story in three parts or as one piece, but it won’t happen until all of it is written. There is a possibility that I will handle finishing the next two parts faster. I’ve been doing this before.

At least I no longer feel guilty to be called a writer. I’m writing, after all. πŸ˜€

{Procrastination Post} Modding Skyrim: Custom Male Followers Get Custom Weapons and A Small Quest

I’s been a few days since I wrote my last post about modding. Today we’ll have another one and this time I finally finished what I wanted to accomplish with my small Skyrim mod. I learned to make basic quests. πŸ™‚

I had some issues with the Creation Kit. First, there was a bug with my quest dialog not appearing. A save and reload fixes that issue, but it is not a fault on my end. It happens because of the CK patch.

Another issue I had run into was with scripts. I misspelled a function name a couldn’t figure for some time WHY wasn’t it working. And the compiler was like, I got nothing man. I’m glad this silliness is over. It’s how it always happens with coding. Either a lost bracket or a letter. πŸ˜€

There is another issue that persist for now (voicing), but I will talk about it later. From technical standpoint the quest is perfection now.

You’ll have to talk to Drennan and he will ask you for help. You agreeing to help him will start his small quest to get him and his brother as followers. The quest is reeeeeally tiny, but it is here for immersion’s sake. You can’t just approach people and they’d agree to be your followers. You have to butter them up, even if just a bit. πŸ˜‰

Apprentice Tongues starts

With mod installed the brothers and their house are there from the beginning of the game, but the dialogue for the quest becomes available only after you complete Dragon Rising. It’s better to visit them before you leave for High Hrothgar, because it’s where Drennan will send you anyway. So two birds with one stone.

You task will be to retrieve Drennan’s journal.


Reading it will briefly introduce you to the background of the Silver-Eye brothers.

First pages

Return the journal to Drennan and he will reward you with 2000 gold.

Almost done

After that both brothers become available as followers, so you can ask them on a date. πŸ˜‰



One more thing to say about this mod’s improvements is that I added some custom weapons for the guys. Yes, those are one-kill weapons, yes, the brothers are overpowered anyway, but you can always take their things away from them and give them something simpler and less devastating. It’s up to the player’s taste. But if you prefer to have two guys killing everything for you, that’s what they will do. πŸ˜€

Now let’s talk about that issue I mentioned earlier. As the mod currently exists, all the dialogue is said in my girly voice, so obviously I won’t be sharing this version with anyone. I need to record empty voice files (while keeping the LIP files I created from my wav files). As followers, Drennan speaks with Male Brute voice, and Verod has Male Even Toned voice. And I’m perfectly fine with it. The quest dialogue will be silent (for now, until someone would record male-voiced lines for it) but lip-synched.

As for the rest, I’d say mission accomplished. If one day I’ll decide to make a questline for these NPCs, this little quest will be a perfect place to start. πŸ˜‰

As soon as I finish cleaning up the voice files, I would probably share the mod on Nexus. I still have to learn how to pack the mod for sharing. πŸ˜€

UPDATE 25 NOV 2016

The mod can be downloaded here.