What I Write

I write science fiction. I mix epic tales with hard science (I stick somewhere between Firm and Very Hard Science Fiction according to this scale). I write about advanced societies and societies that barely evolved in technological sense. Though I’ve written about humanoid aliens (being so because of reasons that do NOT involve being related to humans in any way), I’ve never had a human character in my works (nor I’m particularly interested to write humans for now) but that doesn’t mean my fictional folks aren’t relatable. They are.

Characters are my main focus. My stories are character-driven. Everything in my books is distilled through character. Sometimes this requires a slower pace of stories.

I like to experiment with forms and my first two novels are written in serial form. They are completed and released in full sets. I avoid publishing installments, especially if the serial is incomplete.

My writing style is simple, mostly due to the fact that English is not my first language. Also, I like to keep it simple. I believe complex ideas should be communicated using the clearest and easiest language possible to bring them to the readers.

I write both ‘family-friendly’ fiction (e.g. the word fuck may be used no more than once per 100k words) AND explicitly graphic kind. Falaha’s Journey: A Spacegirl’s Account in Three Movements is the example of the former, and Falaha’s Journey Into Pleasure is the example of the latter.

When the story demands it, I don’t shy away from delving into the erotic. So if I must write a sex scene, be sure I will go full force with that one. Like with any other scene that requires intensity. Will my fiction become erotica then? No. I don’t write sex for the sake of sex and it doesn’t drive my plot to fit a certain set of genres. It’s quite the other way around: my plot drives the sex between people. (And honestly, it pisses me off that I must pigeonhole it into erotic romance category just because the stores need to categorize it in some way, and putting it into erotica section is even worse. I don’t write erotica nor I write romance. The name of the genre implies reader expectations. But there’s no formula to deliver.) What is it then? Adult science fiction. Sexy space opera. Epic alien historicals. Relationships between people that are a part of a vast world and with many other things to do besides romancing each other. Anything BUT erotic romance or romantic erotica.

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