Falaha’s Journey 2: Graveyard of the Gods

Tags: adventure, adult, aliens, astrosociobiology, culture study, family relationships, space exploration, spaceships, xenocentric, xenofiction

The struggle for survival for the Danna is over, but the war is not won yet. While Shaamta is dealing with the rogue baali who still threaten the peace of Varga's Motherworlds, Commander Falaha is set out to continue the mission that brought their Ancestor into their world -- to find the legendary Nest -- and to discover the truth behind the emergence of the Maok and prevent the deadly menace to their Jainaa and everyone who inhabits it.

This is a story of Falaha and her crew that picks up where the previous books have left off.

Project Progress

Graveyard of the Gods

Type: Novel; Phase: First Draft

18426 of 100000 words (18%) complete

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