Falaha’s Journey

~ A Spacegirl’s Account in Three Move­ments ~

FALAHA’S JOURNEY is a xeno­cen­tric, epic hard sci­ence fic­tion ser­i­al nov­el, aimed at an adult audi­ence.

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FALAHA’S JOURNEY: A Spacegirl’s Account in Three Move­ments [Books 1–3, Vol. 1]
FALAHA’S JOURNEY Into Plea­sure [Book 3.5, Vol. 2]

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Full-set-cover E-book Cov­er (Kin­dle)
Ebooks: Ama­zon Kin­dle
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ISBN-13: 9789934837272 
(Pub­lished July 1st 2014) 

Alternate Cover Version Alter­nate Cov­er Ver­sion (Paper­back)
Paper­back ver­sion: Cre­ate­space, Barnes & Noble, Ama­zon US, UK & most of Ama­zon glob­al stores. 
ISBN-13: 9781500384074 
ISBN: 1500384070 
(Pub­lished March 5th 2015, 688 pages, 5″ x 8″) 

FALAHA'S JOURNEY: A Spacegirl's Account in Three Movements

The complete serial novel in a single volume (Books 1-3).

A young girl with ambition.
A desperate man on a mission.
An ancient enemy set to wipe out their entire race.

When a seemingly simple space rescue mission turns into a nightmare, Falaha, a Danna Commander Trainee with a power she can't use properly yet, has her skills put to the ultimate test as her world begins to collapse, throwing her to the center of the conflict that might wipe out her entire race.

The Danna are a species of humanoid aliens who share the Milky Way with humanity. Unlike humans, they have been around for at least three billion years and are the oldest species in the Galaxy. Born with an alien artifact in their blood, they possess abilities surpassing anything any living creature can dream of. However, both their superb space technology and their unusual blood legacy have attracted danger no one expected. Abandoning their home Galaxy, the remaining population sets out in secrecy to their last resort, Kan Diona, the place to witness their victory or to become their grave.

FALAHA’S JOURNEY is a vivid tale of alien species, races, and cultures, a family saga spanning multiple generations and extending across the Universe, a tale of identity, exploration, and self-discovery amidst a devastating struggle for survival, and a love story that touches the stars.

Length: 136k+ words.

Eyuran and Falaha from Falaha's Journey. Illustration by Jeno Marz
Eyuran and Falaha from Falaha's Journey. Illustration by Jeno Marz

Tags: adven­ture, adult, aliens, astroso­cio­bi­ol­o­gy, chil­dren, cul­ture study, fam­i­ly rela­tion­ships, love sto­ry, med­ical, mil­i­tary con­flict, multi­gen­er­a­tional, polyandry, res­cue mis­sion, space explo­ration, space­ships, xeno­cen­tric, xenofic­tion

Paper­back ver­sion is also avail­able as a three-book set from Cre­ate­space only; see these links below:
DESCENT (First Move­ment). Episodes #1 — #34 [Book 1] [Paper­back Only] 
THE PIT (Sec­ond Move­ment). Episodes #35 — #54 [Book 2] [Paper­back Only] 
PERSEVERANCE (Third Move­ment). Episodes #55 — #84 [Book 3] [Paper­back Only]

DESCENT (First Move­ment). Episodes #1 — #34
When a seem­ing­ly sim­ple res­cue mis­sion turns into a night­mare, Fala­ha, an ambi­tious Dan­na Com­man­der Trainee with a pow­er she can’t use prop­er­ly yet, has her skills put to the ulti­mate test as her world begins to col­lapse.

Dan­na are a species of humanoid aliens who share the Milky Way with human­i­ty. Unlike humans, they have been around for at least three bil­lion years and are the old­est species in the Galaxy. Born with an alien arti­fact in their blood, they pos­sess abil­i­ties sur­passing any­thing any liv­ing crea­ture can dream of. How­ev­er, both their superb space tech­nol­o­gy and their unusu­al blood lega­cy have attract­ed dan­ger no one expect­ed. Aban­doning their home Galaxy, the remain­ing pop­u­la­tion sets out in secre­cy to their last resort, Kan Diona, the place to wit­ness their vic­to­ry or to become their grave.

Space­craft Quen­nah and her crew are a part of those rem­nants, with a long jour­ney of 100 days ahead of them to reach Kan Diona. But will any of them ever get there?

Length: 26k+ words.

Paper­back ver­sion: Cre­ate­space.
ISBN-13: 9781481001397
ISBN: 1481001396
(Pub­lished Novem­ber 29th 2012; first pub­lished August 24th 2012)

THE PIT (Sec­ond Move­ment). Episodes #35 — #54
The young Dan­na cou­ple, along with their new com­pan­ion, con­tin­ue to dis­cov­er the truth about their world and them­selves in their search for an oppor­tu­ni­ty to save their peo­ple.

Fam­i­ly secrets slow­ly sur­face, hid­den feel­ings are revealed, and new ones emerge. Ambi­tions and desires are fueled with every pass­ing day, which could be their last. Answers bring more ques­tions, solu­tions more prob­lems, and life goes on, even if time is not their ally.

Will luck aban­don them again or take their side in the war that might wipe out their entire race?

Length: 42k+ words.

Paper­back ver­sion: Cre­ate­space.
ISBN-13: 9781489597816
ISBN: 1489597816
(Pub­lished June 27th 2013)

PERSEVERANCE (Third Move­ment). Episodes #55 — #84

A mon­ster awak­ens from its slum­ber.

A grue­some dis­cov­ery has attract­ed the atten­tion of the most pow­er­ful being in the ene­my force.

A strange encounter will change the des­tiny of every species involved.

The allied forces are gath­er­ing for the res­cue attempt, but will all of their com­bined strength be enough to escape from, let alone defeat, their worst night­mare?

Length: 68k+ words.

Paper­back ver­sion: Cre­ate­space.
ISBN-13: 9781499179859
ISBN: 1499179855
(Pub­lished June 25th 2014)

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