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OS UNIVERSE sto­ries
Falaha’s Jour­ney and Rjg are parts of the OS UNIVERSE setting.

Falaha’s Jour­ney ser­ial novels


Falaha’s Jour­ney [FALAHA’S JOURNEY SERIES Vol. 1] A vivid tale of alien species, races, and cul­tures, a fam­ily saga span­ning mul­ti­ple gen­er­a­tions and extend­ing across the Uni­verse, a tale of iden­tity, explo­ration, and self-discovery amidst a dev­as­tat­ing strug­gle for sur­vival, and a love story that touches the stars.

Falaha’s Jour­ney Into Plea­sure [FALAHA’S JOURNEY SERIES Vol. 2] Falaha’s Jour­ney Into Plea­sure includes episodes explor­ing the very pri­vate aspects of the lives of the main char­ac­ters, set years after the events of the Falaha’s Jour­ney tril­ogy. This mini-series is a spicy addi­tion to the main story, with more insights into the Danna cul­ture and per­son­al­i­ties of the char­ac­ters, as well as their roman­tic pur­suits. Graphic adult con­tent.


Rjg: A Danna Novel


Amidst the blood­stained bat­tle­fields, dreams and eerie visions, a strange legacy of the Great Ances­tor begins to take shape, blend­ing sad­ness and grief with a fierce joy, and mark­ing the rise of the Com­mon­wealth of Tue Dan­nan. Learn more »