Rjg Cover Reveal

It’s been a heavy winter for me, but I finally sorted everything out, getting back on writing schedule. So here’s the cover for my upcoming novel, Rjg. I’m currently somewhere 60 000 words into the book and hopefully will finish the draft as scheduled, this November, so I can publish it next spring (date to be announced).

For the record, “Rjg” reads with a short i, the palatal approximant /j/ like the pronunciation of ⟨y⟩ in toy, and g is the voiced velar plosive /ɡ/, like the pronunciation of ⟨g⟩ in “go”.


It’s a bit early for the cover reveal, but I’m pretty sure I’ll go with this one. I made several covers, but none of them were good. So I decided to return to my initial illustration for the project, though it was actually made for a music album of mine. With this not-so-small matter out of the way, I can focus on writing. 🙂

Writing Notes: Breathing

I have a chapter in which my main character visits a cave. And while the air composition is different from Earth’s air, it got me thinking whether he would see a white cloud condensing from his breath.

Hot breath increases the relative humidity of the cold outside air as they mix. Once humidity reaches 100%, it results in breath condensation.

It may seem like a tiny thing when you describe setting & character, but it can provide indirect information to the reader.

If you want to know whether your or your character’s breath will condense into a white cloud in certain locations, you can use this calculator.

Why Goodreads Giveaways are a Bunch of Crap

Warning: rant ahead.

The purpose of a giveaway is to get the book into the hands of readers and attract attention of other portential readers who add your book to their TBR list. Of course, the ideal goal is to get your book into the hands of readers who read in your genre and write some good reviews. By good reviews I mean reviews that do the book justice, whether good or bad.

My first and now only Goodreads giveaway was a disaster I sponsored wasted my money on. That’s right, I won’t be doing it anymore.

I had three copies to give away and the interest was pretty much good — more than 1100 people had entered over the course of a month without doing any marketing from my side. Which was excellent result on its own.

By the end of the giveaway I had my reader addresses and mailed the physical copies of books withing the next few days. I have no idea what the third reader will bring to the table (if at all), but the first two were something no writer should experience.


Person #1 declined to receive their shipment, so I even had to contact the GR staff to find out WFT happened there. Still no news. Spending nearly a month in the post office, the new book that no one will be reading returned to Createspace. Fuck you, person #1. Why did you even bother to enter this fucking giveaway? There were plenty of people willing to read the book.

Person #2 wasn’t an avid reader in science fiction genre, leaving me with a 2-star review just because of that and I wonder why she had bothered to enter the giveaway too. WHY??? Free book? You know what I’m thinking, right? Good.
I’d rather given the book to someone else.

Person #3… I wonder what will follow from there. I’m not keeping my hopes up high. That’s another non-target-audience reader.

Dear readers, don’t enter giveaways for books you know are not your kind or you don’t plant to read at all. We authors are paying for these paperback books you don’t want.

Dear Goodreads, do something to make sure the books are going into the hands of good readers. Otherwise, you know what I’m thinking, right? Right. If not, there’s a hint: it’s the F-word and then the Y-word.

/rant over

Falaha’s Journey Free Kindle Download

This week (November 24 & 25) I’m offering the first volume (a complete novel, no cliffhanger) of my Falaha’s Journey serial from the OS Universe series as a FREE download on Amazon. More links below.

This baby!

A young girl with ambi­tion.
A des­per­ate man on a mis­sion.
An ancient enemy set to wipe out their entire race.

When a seem­ingly sim­ple space res­cue mis­sion turns into a night­mare, Falaha, a Danna Com­man­der Trainee with a power she can’t use prop­erly yet, has her skills put to the ulti­mate test as her world begins to col­lapse, throw­ing her to the cen­ter of the con­flict that might wipe out her entire race.

The Danna are a species of humanoid aliens who share the Milky Way with human­ity. Unlike humans, they have been around for at least three bil­lion years and are the old­est species in the Galaxy. Born with an alien arti­fact in their blood, they pos­sess abil­i­ties sur­pass­ing any­thing any liv­ing crea­ture can dream of. How­ever, both their superb space tech­nol­ogy and their unusual blood legacy have attracted dan­ger no one expected. Aban­don­ing their home Galaxy, the remain­ing pop­u­la­tion sets out in secrecy to their last resort, Kan Diona, the place to wit­ness their vic­tory or to become their grave.

FALAHA’S JOURNEY is a vivid tale of alien species, races, and cul­tures, a fam­ily saga span­ning mul­ti­ple gen­er­a­tions and extend­ing across the Uni­verse, a tale of iden­tity, explo­ration, and self-discovery amidst a dev­as­tat­ing strug­gle for sur­vival, and a love story that touches the stars.

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