Timeline and Cosmology of the OS Universe Series

This post is ded­i­cat­ed to my sto­ries and the Uni­verse they take place in. While I had described the Uni­verse mod­el I cre­at­ed specif­i­cal­ly for the series in Falaha’s Jour­ney tril­o­gy in detail, today I’d like to talk about the time­line (and some of the triv­ia) of the books.

The OS Uni­verse (which stands for Oper­at­ing Sys­tem Uni­verse) is an umbrel­la term for all my works so far, past and cur­rent WIPs. The scale of this thing is tru­ly mas­sive.

The set­ting in focus is the Milky Way galaxy, though by the end of Falaha’s Jour­ney the Dan­na com­plete­ly aban­don it. Nev­er­the­less, a large part of their species his­to­ry since their ‘birth’ hap­pened in our Galaxy.

The time­line pre­sent­ed here is in bil­lions of years (Gyr – galac­tic year).

The Zero point on the scale is “now”, year 2014, human cal­en­dar. [To see the ages in Dan­na years, mul­ti­ply by 1.16815 accord­ing to their stan­dard.] Below that point time has a “minus” sign, above it—the “+”. Please note that cre­at­ing a time­line that goes even deep­er back in time (accord­ing to the series fic­tion­al Uni­verse mod­el) is unre­al­is­tic for it deals with scales far beyond com­pact charts. The major cos­mic events are marked to show the scale.

OS UNIVERSE Time­line:

Roughly +3600 human years: Falaha’s Jour­ney sto­ry takes place.
0 – The present day, year 2014
-3.02 Gyr – The nov­el Rjg is set some­where dur­ing this time peri­od.
-3.12 Gyr – The first Dan­na appear.
-4.57 (4.53) Gyr — The Earth is formed.
-4.63 (4.57) Gyr — The Sun is a pro­to­star.
-8.42 Gyr – The Sla sys­tem (the Dan­na home­world) is formed. Accord­ing to the galac­tic coor­di­nate sys­tem, at present it is locat­ed at a l (lon­gi­tude) = 0° and b (lat­i­tude) = +15°, at a dis­tance of 26500 ly (~1.67585275 × 109 AU) from the galac­tic cen­ter. (Coor­di­nates are fic­tion­al, of course.) The lon­gi­tude is cho­sen on pur­pose, for in my ear­li­er drafts I cre­at­ed the Dan­na as “mir­ror peo­ple” to humans, play­ing with the ques­tion “what if there exists some­one very much like us?”. That idea even­tu­al­ly got scrapped (only some minor details remained), because the Dan­na nev­er open­ly crossed paths with humans and are not relat­ed to us in any way. They have a pret­ty badass his­to­ry of their own, as well as their unique rea­sons to resem­ble humans.
-13.77 to -8.8 Gyr (est.) – For­ma­tion of the Milky Way galaxy. The ages of indi­vid­ual stars in the Milky Way can be esti­mat­ed by mea­sur­ing the abun­dance of long-lived radioac­tive ele­ments such as tho­ri­um-232 and ura­ni­um-238, then com­par­ing the results to esti­mates of their orig­i­nal abun­dance, a tech­nique called nucle­o­cos­mochronol­o­gy. In this timescale I’m using two points to esti­mate the for­ma­tion time of our Galaxy: the old­est known star in the Milky Way and the age of for­ma­tion of the thin disk. It’s a rough esti­mate, but it gives me the idea to work with. HD 140283, the old­est known star in the Milky Way, is an extreme­ly met­al-defi­cient and high-veloc­i­ty sub­giant in the solar neigh­bor­hood. With­in the errors, the age of HD 140283 does not con­flict with the age of the Uni­verse, 13.77 ± 0.06 Gyr, based on the microwave back­ground and Hub­ble con­stant, but it must have formed soon after the big bang. The age of stars in the galac­tic thin disk has also been esti­mat­ed using nucle­o­cos­mochronol­o­gy. Mea­sure­ments of thin disk stars yield an esti­mate that the thin disk formed 8.8 ± 1.7 Gyr ago. These mea­sure­ments sug­gest there was a hia­tus of almost 5 bil­lion years between the for­ma­tion of the galac­tic halo and the thin disk.
-13.8 Gyr – The Big Bang event, that most like­ly hap­pened 13.8 bil­lion years ago.

Here is the ear­ly ref­er­ence map I cre­at­ed for the sto­ries years ago. Many things changed since then, but it was pret­ty fun to devel­op the his­to­ry of my fic­tion­al folk.


This map was cre­at­ed dur­ing the time humans were still in the pic­ture. In the end I decid­ed that the two cul­tures will nev­er meet, so the fate of human­i­ty is nev­er dis­cussed, even though the Dan­na are aware of their exis­tence ad have a word in their lan­guage for the peo­ple of Earth — the Tal­gin.

This brief ref­er­ence about my sto­ries set­ting is bare­ly scratch­ing the sur­face of the whole thing I have in store. 😉

Jeno Marz
JENO MARZ is a science fiction writer from Latvia, Northern Europe, with background in electronics engineering and computer science. She is the author of two serial novels, Falaha’s Journey: A Spacegirl’s Account in Three Movements and Falaha’s Journey into Pleasure. Marz is current at work on a new SF trilogy. All her fiction is aimed at an adult audience.

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