Falaha’s Journey: Perseverance (Book 3)

Wel­come to the series grand finale!

A drop hits the sur­face of water, cre­at­ing rip­ples that prop­a­gate out­ward. The feel­ing of space-time fold res­o­nance remains, fluc­tu­at­ing with­in my soma. Anoth­er fierce drop cre­ates more rip­ples. The mon­ster halts, lis­ten­ing.”


A mon­ster awak­ens from its slum­ber.

A grue­some dis­cov­ery has attract­ed the atten­tion of the most pow­er­ful being in the ene­my force.

A strange encounter will change the des­tiny of every species involved.

The allied forces are gath­er­ing for a res­cue attempt, but will their com­bined strength be enough to escape from, let alone defeat, their worst night­mare?

Word count: approx. 69,000
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Jeno Marz
JENO MARZ is a science fiction writer from Latvia, Northern Europe, with background in electronics engineering and computer science. She is the author of two serial novels, Falaha’s Journey: A Spacegirl’s Account in Three Movements and Falaha’s Journey into Pleasure. Marz is current at work on a new SF trilogy. All her fiction is aimed at an adult audience.

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