{Procrastination Post} Modding Skyrim: Custom Male Followers Get Custom Weapons and A Small Quest

I’s been a few days since I wrote my last post about mod­ding. Today we’ll have anoth­er one and this time I final­ly fin­ished what I want­ed to accom­plish with my small Skyrim mod. I learned to make basic quests. 🙂

I had some issues with the Cre­ation Kit. First, there was a bug with my quest dia­log not appear­ing. A save and reload fix­es that issue, but it is not a fault on my end. It hap­pens because of the CK patch.

Anoth­er issue I had run into was with scripts. I mis­spelled a func­tion name a couldn’t fig­ure for some time WHY wasn’t it work­ing. And the com­pil­er was like, I got noth­ing man. I’m glad this silli­ness is over. It’s how it always hap­pens with cod­ing. Either a lost brack­et or a let­ter. 😀

There is anoth­er issue that per­sist for now (voic­ing), but I will talk about it lat­er. From tech­ni­cal stand­point the quest is per­fec­tion now.

You’ll have to talk to Dren­nan and he will ask you for help. You agree­ing to help him will start his small quest to get him and his broth­er as fol­low­ers. The quest is reeeeeal­ly tiny, but it is here for immersion’s sake. You can’t just approach peo­ple and they’d agree to be your fol­low­ers. You have to but­ter them up, even if just a bit. 😉

Appren­tice Tongues starts

With mod installed the broth­ers and their house are there from the begin­ning of the game, but the dia­logue for the quest becomes avail­able only after you com­plete Drag­on Ris­ing. It’s bet­ter to vis­it them before you leave for High Hroth­gar, because it’s where Dren­nan will send you any­way. So two birds with one stone.

You task will be to retrieve Drennan’s jour­nal.


Read­ing it will briefly intro­duce you to the back­ground of the Sil­ver-Eye broth­ers.

First pages

Return the jour­nal to Dren­nan and he will reward you with 2000 gold.

Almost done

After that both broth­ers become avail­able as fol­low­ers, so you can ask them on a date. 😉



One more thing to say about this mod’s improve­ments is that I added some cus­tom weapons for the guys. Yes, those are one-kill weapons, yes, the broth­ers are over­pow­ered any­way, but you can always take their things away from them and give them some­thing sim­pler and less dev­as­tat­ing. It’s up to the player’s taste. But if you pre­fer to have two guys killing every­thing for you, that’s what they will do. 😀

Now let’s talk about that issue I men­tioned ear­li­er. As the mod cur­rent­ly exists, all the dia­logue is said in my girly voice, so obvi­ous­ly I won’t be shar­ing this ver­sion with any­one. I need to record emp­ty voice files (while keep­ing the LIP files I cre­at­ed from my wav files). As fol­low­ers, Dren­nan speaks with Male Brute voice, and Verod has Male Even Toned voice. And I’m per­fect­ly fine with it. The quest dia­logue will be silent (for now, until some­one would record male-voiced lines for it) but lip-synched.

As for the rest, I’d say mis­sion accom­plished. If one day I’ll decide to make a quest­line for these NPCs, this lit­tle quest will be a per­fect place to start. 😉

As soon as I fin­ish clean­ing up the voice files, I would prob­a­bly share the mod on Nexus. I still have to learn how to pack the mod for shar­ing. 😀

UPDATE 25 NOV 2016

The mod can be down­loaded here.

Jeno Marz
JENO MARZ is a science fiction writer from Latvia, Northern Europe, with background in electronics engineering and computer science. She is the author of two serial novels, Falaha’s Journey: A Spacegirl’s Account in Three Movements and Falaha’s Journey into Pleasure. Marz is current at work on a new SF trilogy. All her fiction is aimed at an adult audience.

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