Rjg Cover Reveal

It’s been a heavy win­ter for me, but I final­ly sort­ed every­thing out, get­ting back on writ­ing sched­ule. So here’s the cov­er for my upcom­ing nov­el, Rjg. I’m cur­rent­ly some­where 60 000 words into the book and hope­ful­ly will fin­ish the draft as sched­uled, this Novem­ber, so I can pub­lish it next spring (date to be announced).

For the record, “Rjg” reads with a short i, the palatal approx­i­mant /j/ like the pro­nun­ci­a­tion of ⟨y⟩ in toy, and g is the voiced velar plo­sive /ɡ/, like the pro­nun­ci­a­tion of ⟨g⟩ in “go”.


It’s a bit ear­ly for the cov­er reveal, but I’m pret­ty sure I’ll go with this one. I made sev­er­al cov­ers, but none of them were good. So I decid­ed to return to my ini­tial illus­tra­tion for the project, though it was actu­al­ly made for a music album of mine. With this not-so-small mat­ter out of the way, I can focus on writ­ing. 🙂

Jeno Marz
JENO MARZ is a science fiction writer from Latvia, Northern Europe, with background in electronics engineering and computer science. She is the author of two serial novels, Falaha’s Journey: A Spacegirl’s Account in Three Movements and Falaha’s Journey into Pleasure. Marz is current at work on a new SF trilogy. All her fiction is aimed at an adult audience.

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