Rjg Cover Reveal

It’s been a heavy winter for me, but I finally sorted everything out, getting back on writing schedule. So here’s the cover for my upcoming novel, Rjg. I’m currently somewhere 60 000 words into the book and hopefully will finish the draft as scheduled, this November, so I can publish it next spring (date to be announced).

For the record, “Rjg” reads with a short i, the palatal approximant /j/ like the pronunciation of ⟨y⟩ in toy, and g is the voiced velar plosive /ɡ/, like the pronunciation of ⟨g⟩ in “go”.


It’s a bit early for the cover reveal, but I’m pretty sure I’ll go with this one. I made several covers, but none of them were good. So I decided to return to my initial illustration for the project, though it was actually made for a music album of mine. With this not-so-small matter out of the way, I can focus on writing. 🙂

Jeno Marz
JENO MARZ is a science fiction writer from Latvia, Northern Europe, with background in electronics engineering and computer science. She is the author of two serial novels, Falaha’s Journey: A Spacegirl’s Account in Three Movements and Falaha’s Journey into Pleasure. Marz is current at work on a new SF trilogy. All her fiction is aimed at an adult audience.

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